Sound Awareness 2017

Sound is all around us. It is in the music we listen to, in peoples voices when they speak with us. There are manmade sounds; cars and machines and nature sounds like the wind and bird song. We may not often think about the sounds around us but why is it that some sounds are enjoyable to listen to, whilst others make us feel sad or even angry? One thing is certain, sounds affect us greatly and the more we can be aware of them the less they will affect us adversely, and vice versa; As our awareness increases about the effects the energy that sound brings to us, the more we can use it for ourselves or for the benefit of others.

This course starts with a two hour introduction which gives you a taste of what this course is about so that you can decide for yourself if this is something for you or not. The introduction is held in a variety of different venues and offered at a cost of £15.

The course then moves on to three separate days spread out over 3 months. The cost per day is £50.
The first day will cover the physical aspects of sound and music; how you can use music and the energies of sound to help, heal and invigorate the physical body.

The second day is about using sounds to boost your energy so that you can get to where you need to be, whilst the third day gives you a number of "sound tools" which you can use in your everyday life to help others or yourself.

This course is for anyone who is either drawn to music and sounds or is challenged by it and is willing to take a look at why.
Previous participants have experienced the positive effects of this course, saying that "it has opened new doors" into themselves, with the quality of the teaching and the intimate and secure atmosphere supporting them all the way to success.

- Fredrik's Sound Awareness course has enabled me to reconnect with me. Through Fredrik's gentle and encouraging lead the group has built a close and creative friendship; this has meant that I can challenge and realign my assumptions; listening more closely to both others and importantly, to myself, Alice
- This is what education should be about - to find the 'you' in music, George
- I came to the course as a sceptic and found this was welcomed. During the well run course I gained understanding and empathy. I left the course enthusiastic and now keen for my wife to attend, James

Introduction, taster sessions in 2017, £18. Booking is essential (see contact details below)

Wednesday 18th October, 7pm-9pm, Sound Awareness introduction, The Storey Lancaster

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